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  • Rhenus Corby

    Rhenus Corby is an established 3PL company based within the ‘Golden Triangle of Logistics’.

The Highest BRC Classification Available

Rhenus Corby have been consistently re-awarded with the Double-AA Standard (the highest classification available) from the BRC (British Retail Consortium), a trade association for the UK food retail industry.

Our audits have praised our teams on their openness, professionalism and engagement, in 2019 commenting that it was "among the best warehouses of that size and age they had seen in their career".

The BRC Global Standard Accreditation has been designed for many reasons including:


  • Create guidelines to follow showing the best methods of practice
  • To create a clear process for continuous improvement
  • Create a global standard as a target to be surpassed

Rhenus Corby offer multi-user facilities on a highly secure site (27/7 CCTV) all managed by state of the art systems. The state of the art warehouse management system has the functionality to provide stock management by FIFO, batch and best before dates - it can automatically recognise different criteria for each of the customers' delivery points.

Our customers will receive access to our online portals where you will find a range of reports giving you all of the data that you need within just a few clicks, including complete traceability of stock. We will meet with them on a monthly basis to discuss progress and review KPI's. With complete transparency you will maintain a thorough understanding of our operations and we will work with the company, hand in hand, to grow the business.

You can easily combine your BRC-accredited warehousing requirements with our other services to create a complete supply chain solution including:

  • UK distribution
  • European distribution
  • Parcel delivery service
  • HMRC customs-bonded warehousing
  • E-commerce fulfilment
  • Pick & pack services
  • Value-added services
  • Reworking services

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Rhenus Logistics (Corby) Limited
Darwin Road
Willowbrook Industrial Estate
Corby, Northamptonshire
NN17 5XZ
United Kingdom

  > 0845 500 4005

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